Women’s Theatre Festival announces auditions for “These Shining Lives”

Women’s Theatre Festival is holding auditions for our upcoming production of “These Shining Lives” by Melanie Marnich!

Raleigh Audition: Saturday, April 21, 1:30-5pm at Cameron Village Regional Library
Carborro Audition: Tuesday, April 24, 7-9pm at ArtsCenter

Callbacks (if necessary): Monday, April 30th, 6:30-8:30pm at Cameron Village Regional Library

About The Play:

It’s the 1920’s, and Catherine and her friends work for the Radium Dial Company of Ottawa, IL as radium dial painters—making watches glow in the dark by painting the numbers with radium-based paint. The girls think they’ve got it made with their high-paying, glamorous jobs. But when the company’s female workforce starts getting sick and dying from a mysterious illness, Catherine leads her friends in suing the company for lying to them about the risks of working with “the wonder element.” Part play, part newsreel, and part poetry, These Shining Lives is based on the true story of the “Radium Girls.” Their fight for justice was a landmark legal case for workers rights and occupational diseases.

About The Roles:

4 women–appear mid-to-late 20’s
1 man–appears mid-to-late 20’s
1 man–appears mid-30’s or older

Most actors will play multiple roles.
All ethnicities are encouraged to audition; WTF aims to cast 50% women of color/
Sides will be available on site, no monologues necessary.
Sign up for an audition time here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080949afad29a1f85-these

Please fill out audition form before your audition date. Please note that no conflicts will be accepted after load-in on 7/22: https://goo.gl/forms/Xklq72RUbNSM6LGm1

Rehearsals: Mid-May through late-July
Load In: 7/22 
Performance Dates: 7/27-29, 8/3-5

Rehearsals will be in North Raleigh. From Load In onwards, tech rehearsals and performances will be at ArtsCenter in Carrboro.

MadElf Productions announces auditions for “Water, Inc.”

New Rock Musical!

MadElf Productions LLC is holding auditions for preview performances of Water, Inc.  on May 13 @ 2pm to 4pm and May 14 @ 7pm to 9pm, at Warehouse PAC: 9216-A Westmoreland Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031.

First preview performances are: July 26 and 28, and August 3 and 5 @ Warehouse PAC.

We need one female mezzo soprano 25 to 35 y/o (range C3 to D5) and two male lyric baritones, one 30s (range A3 to A4) and one 50 to 60 (range A3 to E5)

Be prepared to tell the story in your song.

Email headshot and resume in iPhone-friendly format to chris@madelf.com or mark@madelf.com.

Paper kills trees.

Get more info here: http://madmen-and-dreamers.com/Water_Inc.html

MadElf Productions, LLC

Women’s Theatre Festival announces auditions for “Parallel Lives”

PARALLEL LIVES by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney

AUDITIONS: Raleigh Little Theatre Studio
(Come to Business Office Entrance at back of building)

Fri 4/13 from 7-9 pm
Sat. 4/14 3-5 pm

Wednesday 4/18 from 6-10pm, schedule TBD

See all the information below! 

READ THE AUDITON PACKET (Containing Audition Sides!):



June 29th 30th and July 1, 5, 6, 7 Saturday’s are two show days, Sunday evening performance

Everyone wants to know what the rehearsal schedule will be, but it’s impossible to make a schedule without knowing everyone’s conflicts. The goal is to have fewer rehearsals for large blocks of time, not lots of rehearsals for small blocks of time. NO ONE WILL BE CALLED UNLESS THEY ARE ACTIVELY USED DURING REHEARSALS UNTIL TECH WEEK.


Female-identified (and non-binary) actors to perform in Parallel Lives by Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy. This is a stage version of the popular Kathy and Mo Show. Nontraditional/integrated casting policies will be in place. All ethnicities encouraged to audition. 

Applicants should possess strong comedic acting skills as well as the ability to transform character quickly. Both actors will play men, women and children. Dialect work a must. Although the piece is comprised of sketches they are not without substance, both satirical and dramatic. An emphasis on sincere performances that draw out the comedy and pathos is placed at a premium.

Actor 1 – Female, mid 20s to mid 50s, all ethnicities. Plays: Being One, Kris, Madeline, Holly, Hank, “Kathy”, and others
Actor 2 – Female, mid 20s to mid 50s, all ethnicities. Plays: Being Two, Jeff, Sylvia, Molly, Karen Sue, “Mo”, and others
Please bring a copy of your resume and headshot if you have them. 

Auditions will be OPEN were everyone will have multiple opportunities to read the sides. 

We will soon share some of the sides you’ll be asked to read. If you have a monologue you would like to audition with, we’ll be happy to see/hear that. 


Kernersville Little Theatre announces auditions for “1776”

Audition Dates

Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.


Michael Kamtman has been a Triad director, actor and teacher since 1988 and has directed over 75 productions in the Triad, including 10 operas. He spent 15 season as an actor/fight choreographer with the N.C. Shakespeare Festival where he performed in over 50 productions. He has an MFA from UNC Greensboro in Directing, a MA from the University of Connecticut and a BA from Bucknell University. He has taught at Greensboro College, Davidson College, UNC Greensboro, Salem College and High Point University. He is now an Assistant Teaching Professor at Wake Forest University. For KLT Kamtman has directed The Sound of Music, South Pacific, The Secret Garden, Inherit the Wind and The Pajama Game.

***KLT is excited to be producing 1776 with an all female cast. All roles, male & female will be portrayed by women.***

Character Breakdowns

John Adams
Delegate from Massachusetts. John is a dutiful husband. Opinionated, passionate, and a bit boisterous, he wears his age with pride. Starving for independence from England.
Gender: male
Age: 40 to 45

Stephen Hopkins
Delegate from Rhode Island. Hopkins’ drinking has led to an appearance befitting of the 2nd oldest in the Continental Congress. He has a dirty old man playfulness about him.
Gender: male
Age: 65 to 70

Roger Sherman
Delegate from Connecticut. A coffee drinker with a penchant for hyperactivity, Sherman is a simple and balding cobbler.
Gender: male
Age: 55 to 60

Robert Livingston
Delegate from New York. Recently a father, Livingston’s disposition has become one of humility and graciousness. He has changed considerably over the years.
Gender: male
Age: 28 to 35

Benjamin Franklin
Delegate from Pennsylvania. Franklin is intelligent, well-traveled, and pleasantly cunning. A jolly and admirable fellow with whom one would desire to have a friendship.
Gender: male
Age: 60 to 70

John Dickinson
Delegate from Pennsylvania. A thin, hawkish gentleman. He is sharp-tongued and a touch detestable.
Gender: male
Age: 40 to 50

Col. Thomas Mckean
Delegate from Delaware. McKean is florid and likable with a charming, yet commanding, Scottish Brogue.
Gender: male
Age: 40 – 50

Richard Henry Lee
Delegate from Virginia, Lee is a willowy aristocrat. His flamboyancy is intoxicating and borderline infuriating.
Gender: male
Age: 45 to 50

Thomas Jefferson
Delegate from Virginia. Though noticeably tall, Jefferson is mild-mannered and sweet. Along with being a well read man, he is very much in love with his wife.
Gender: male
Age: 30 to 35

Edward Rutledge
Delegate from South Carolina. Despite his good looks, Rutledge is haunting and somewhat ominous as the youngest member of the Continental Congress. There is a serpent-like quality to him.
Gender: male
Age: 26 to 30

Abigail Adams
Loving wife to John Adams. Intelligent, quick-witted, and talented with a pen, Abigail is a radiant and shapely beauty. Every bit as bright as her husband.
Gender: female
Age: 32 to 35

Martha Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson’s very-much-in-love wife. Her looks are striking, her dancing delightful, and her humor appealing. She doesn’t shy away from a good time. Joy radiates from her.
Gender: female
Age: 25 to 30

The message runner between General Washington’s army and the Continental Congress. He has witnessed the hardships of war firsthand, although his innocent disposition and appearance may imply otherwise.
Gender: male
Age: 15 to 20

Age: 18 – 70


Auditions are held at Fitzpatrick Auditorium, located at:
Kernersville Elementary School 
512 West Mountain Street
Kernersville, NC 27284

Audition Preparations

At KLT, we conduct open auditions and welcome anyone in the community to have the opportunity to “take the stage”. Auditions are generally held three to four months prior to the show’s production dates. Details of upcoming auditions will be communicated on our Facebook page, through email blasts and on our website.

For information on preparing for your audition and what to expect when auditioning at Kernersville Little Theatre, please scroll to the bottom of this page.  We want to make sure you make the most of your audition experience.

*Audition Form – Our audition form is now available here for you to download. Please bring 3 copies with you to auditions! This will speed up the process.

*Age Range – Look for the character descriptions and any minimum age requirements in each audition notice.

We want you to get the most out of your audition with KLT.  Below are some general guidelines about our audition process and tips on preparing for your audition.

*Experience – You don’t need any experience to audition, or even to get a great part at Kernersville Little Theatre.  We get people with lots of experience and some with none at all.  All that is required is an interest in performing and a willingness to commit!

*What to Bring – You will be asked to identify any conflicts that you will have starting with the audition dates and running through the last performance, so bring your calendar.  If you have a resume showing your performing experience, you can bring that, but most people don’t.  We will ask you to fill out an audition form with your contact information and experience.

*What to Wear – Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes – NO SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS, especially if you are auditioning for a musical.  If you are an experienced dancer you may want to bring your specialty dance shoes.

*What to Prepare – The audition for non-musicals will consist of reading from the script.  You do not have to prepare anything, but it can be helpful to have read or seen the play ahead of time so that you are familiar with what is going on in the script.  Individual directors may ask you to participate in some improvisations or theatre exercises, but don’t let that intimidate you – we’re here to have fun and to learn more about you!

If you are auditioning for a musical, you will also need to be prepared to sing a song.  You should bring a rehearsed song as well as the piano accompaniment. The accompanist will be seeing your music for the first time, so don’t worry if they don’t play it perfectly – just do your best!  The Music Director will probably also ask you to sing some scales to understand your vocal range.

Musical auditions may also include a simple dance routine.  The choreographer will give you some dance steps to do in a group to evaluate your basic ability.

 *Bring your calendar – We will ask you to complete an audition form.  You’ll be asked to identify any conflicts that you will have starting with audition dates and running through the last performance.

*Most Important – Relax and have fun! And don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything isn’t clear to you. KLT is all about creating opportunities for you to get experience on and off stage. Come PLAY with us!

Old Colony Players to hold auditions for “From This Day Forward”

Come be a part of the 50th anniversary of the historical Outdoor Drama “From This Day Forward”! This powerful true story follows the trials and persecutions of the Waldensian people, from their struggle for survival in the Cottian Alps, to the historic founding of the town of Valdese in North Carolina.

Directed by Mathew Boerger

Fridays & Saturdays, July 13 – August 11, 2018 at 7:45pm at Fred B. Cranford Amphitheater

Audition Dates: April 14 & 15 at 6pm at the Fred B. Cranford Amphitheater

Excerpts from the script will be provided for a cold read, in addition to stage movement and voice auditions for music as well! 

Directions: Head north on Church Street, take right onto Tron Ave, back entrance is located on the right side of the road – enter through the yellow gate.

Questions? Please email ftdfoutdoordrama@yahoo.com

Asheville Community Theatre announces auditions for “Broken Glass”



By Arthur Miller

Directed by Anita Chapman

AUDITIONS: April 10, 2018, 10:30 am-2:30 pm

PRODUCTION DATES: April 27-29, 2018

REHEARSALS: April 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 from 10:30-2:30

DIRECTOR SEEKS: 3 men, 3 women

All roles at ACT are open to anyone in the community! No experience is necessary to audition. Here are a few tips to help you understand our audition process:

Auditions are held over two nights, and you may choose either night to audition. Auditions for Mainstage shows are held on our Mainstage; auditions for Readers Theatre Showcase and 35below shows are held in 35below. For Mainstage or Readers Theatre show, there’s no need to make an appointment – we’ll get you signed in when you arrive! Some 35below shows do offer audition sign-ups (and we’ll list that by show).

We list approximate age ranges of the characters – but it’s always a good idea to come by and check out the script so you can get a feel for the characters.

For musical auditions, you must prepare 16 bars of music and bring your sheet music to the audition in the key in which you will be singing. We will provide an accompanist. No one may sing along to a CD or other recording.

For non-musical auditions, all audition material is provided and will be available at the auditions. Generally, you will be asked to read pages from the script in front of the director, the stage manager, and another reader.

Note: Asheville Community Theatre policy prohibits participation by anyone on any sex offender or sexual abuse registry to any activity sponsored by Asheville Community Theatre. The only exception is being a member of an audience of an event sponsored by ACT.

NRACT will hold auditions for “Spring Awakening”






Get more info and sign up for your audition here.

It is Germany, 1891, a world where the grown-ups hold all the cards. The beautiful young Wendla explores the mysteries of her body and wonders aloud where babies come from… until Mama tells her to shut it and put on a proper dress. Elsewhere, the brilliant and fearless young Melchior interrupts a mind-numbing Latin drill to defend his buddy, Moritz – a boy so traumatized by puberty that he can’t concentrate on anything… not that the Headmaster cares. He strikes them both and tells them to turn in their lesson. One afternoon, in a private place in the woods, Melchior and Wendla meet by accident and soon find within themselves a desire unlike anything they’ve ever felt. As they fumble their way into one another’s arms, Moritz flounders and soon fails out of school. When even his one adult friend, Melchior’s mother, ignores his plea for help, he is left so distraught that he can’t hear the promise of life offered by his outcast friend, Ilse. Naturally, the Headmasters waste no time in pinning the “crime” of Moritz’s suicide on Melchior to expel him. And soon, Mama learns that her little Wendla is pregnant. Now the young lovers must struggle against all odds to build a world together for their child.

Character Breakdown


Innocent. With every passing day, she grows more curious about the world around her and her changing body. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. Explores her newly-found sexuality with Melchior.

Gender: Female

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: E5

Vocal range bottom: E3


A smart, headstrong boy who refuses to bow down to society’s rules. An atheist and radical student. Struggles with his intense feelings for Wendla and his awakening sexual urges.

Gender: Male

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: B4

Vocal range bottom: G2


A school girl who faces constant physical abuse from her father. She harbors a secret crush towards Moritz.

Gender: Female

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: E5

Vocal range bottom: E3


Melchior’s best friend, a troubled student. He desperately tries to please his father, but always seems to disappoint him. His haunting sexual dreams and academic failures eventually drive him to suicidal thoughts.

Gender: Male

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: C3


Wendla’s best friend. A schoolgirl who tries to stay innocent and pure.

Gender: Female

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: E5

Vocal range bottom: E3


A rather narcissistic schoolmate of Melchior’s. He is comfortable with his own sexuality and uses his looks and intelligence to captivate Ernst. Optional Doubling as RUPERT.

Gender: Male

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: D5

Vocal range bottom: Ab2


A German schoolgirl and Martha’s best friend. Optimistic and a bit naive, she has a difficult time understanding Martha’s trials.

Gender: Female

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: C5

Vocal range bottom: E3


A schoolmate of Melchior’s. Naive and easily manipulated, which allows him to fall in love with Hanschen. Optional Doubling as REINHOLD.

Gender: Male

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: Ab2


Martha’s sister, who was also abused and has run away from home to live in an artists’ colony. She reaches out to her old friend Moritz in the last moments of his life.

Gender: Female

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: E5

Vocal range bottom: E3


A clumsy schoolmate of Melchoir’s. He is overcome with his feelings for his piano teacher. Optional Doubling as DIETER.

Gender: Male

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: D5

Vocal range bottom: Ab2


A classmate of Melchior’s. He struggles with feelings he considers inappropriate. Optional Doubling as ULBRECHT.

Gender: Male

Age: 15 to 20

Vocal range top: D5

Vocal range bottom: Ab2

Adult Woman

Plays a variety of rigid adult roles. Characters include: FRAU BERGMAN, Wendla’s mother; FRAULEIN KNUPPELDICK; FRAULEIN GROSSEBUSTENHALTER; FRAU GABOR, Melchior’s mother; and FRAU BESSELL, Martha’s mother.

Gender: Female

Age: 40 to 50

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: D3

Adult Man

Plays a variety of rigid adult roles. Characters include: HERR SONNENSTITCH, the boys’ teacher; HEADMASTER KNOCHENBRUCH; HERR NEUMANN, Ilse’s father; HERR RILOW, Hanschen’s father; HERR STEIFEL, Moritz’s father; FATHER KAULBACH; DOCTOR VON BRAUSEPULVER; HERR GABOR, Melchior’s father; and SCHMIDT.

Gender: Male

Age: 40 to 50

Vocal range top: F4

Vocal range bottom: D3

North Carolina Theatre announces auditions for “Newsies”

Auditions for


Book by Harvey Fierstein. Music by Alan Menken. Lyrics by Jack Feldman.

Director:  Steve Bebout    

Choreographer:  Parker Esse     

Music Director:  Edward G. Robinson, Jr.

Audition Date: Sunday, April 8th

Location:  NC Theatre Conservatory/Studios 3043 Barrow Drive, Raleigh NC 27616

Seeking males and females of any ethnicity and cultural background for “newsies” and adult character/ensemble roles. Please see details below.

10:30 a.m. – Dance audition:   

Males and females age 10 to young adult in appearance for “newsies” and ensemble. Must be technically trained dancers with a knack for physicality and strong vocal skills. Gymnastics/acrobatics skills a plus. Some but not all dancers may tap in the show. Choreography for the show will have an athletically, dynamic style. 

Come prepared to dance in loose, comfortable dance attire with jazz shoes or dance sneakers. All will go in promptly at 10:30am to learn routine then perform in small groups.  Some performers chosen from the dance audition will be asked to sing. Please bring 16 – 32 bars of sheet music in your key from a musical theater song in the style of NEWSIES or from NEWSIES that shows range and personality. Please also bring photo and resume stapled together.

1:00 p.m. – Adult vocal auditions begin:

Males and females age 30 and older in appearance for character roles and non dancing ensemble. Please bring 16-32 bars of sheet music in your key (standard or contemporary musical theater showing range) and photo/resume stapled together.  Adults will be seen first come, first serve based on sign in.  Sign in begins at 10:45am (once dance auditions have started); all auditioning must be signed in by 1:00pm to be guaranteed an audition slot.

NEWSIES will rehearse at the NC Theatre Conservatory and Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts. All performances are in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium.

1st full company rehearsals begin Monday, July 9th. Show run is July 24th through 29th. No conflicts allowed. Click here for the tentative rehearsal/performance schedule. Questions? Please call Carolee at 919/831-6941 x6945 or email auditionsnct@gmail.com.

North Carolina Theatre encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Three Bone Theatre announces auditions for “Appropriate”

Auditions for the Charlotte premiere of Appropriate by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Directed by Sarah Provencal

There will be six evening performances on July 12-14 and 19-21. 

Performances will be held at the Duke Energy Theatre at Spirit Square.


Auditions will be April 2nd and 3rd at 6:00-9:00pm. If necessary, callbacks will be held on April 5th.  The first read through will be the week of April 30 with rehearsals starting off-book the last week of May.

If you are unable to audition during these times, please contact us at threebonetheatre@gmail.com to discuss alternative arrangements.


Auditions will be held at the Three Bone Theatre rehearsal space at
4119-E Rose Lake Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217.  This is an office park with ample parking in front of the building.

Audition Process

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides will be posted to this page approximately one week before auditions for advance review.

Please bring a resume, headshot, and list of all conflicts for May 28-July 21.

In order to respect everyone’s time, all auditioners are asked to reserve a 10 minute timeslot.    Please use this Sign Up Genius to reserve your spot: Sign Up to Audition

About The Play

Winner- Obie Award for Best New American Play

Every estranged member of the Lafayette clan has descended upon the crumbling Arkansas homestead to settle the accounts of the newly-dead patriarch. As his three adult children sort through a lifetime of hoarded mementos and junk, they collide over clutter, debt, and a contentious family history. But after a disturbing discovery surfaces among their father’s possessions, the reunion takes a turn for the explosive, unleashing a series of crackling surprises and confrontations.

This show contains adult language and content and is recommended for ages 18+.

“…very fine, subversively original…[Jacobs-Jenkins] honors the time-tested recipes of those who have gone before him, combining them into a crafty narrative…But he also brings a culinary self-consciousness to the mix that makes you savor the ingredients anew, while pondering why they have dominated American theater for so long… remarkable and devious.”
-New York Times

​ “…prodigiously gifted…[Branden Jacobs-Jenkins] effortlessly and believably taps into a white family’s dysfunction, infuses the script with unforced, viperish humor…APPROPRIATE is an uncommonly deft dramatic and technical achievement.”
– Entertainment Weekly

​ “…an exceptionally brilliant piece of writing…gut-punchingly honest work.”- Time Out (Chicago)

Roles Available

There are eight roles available for this show.  Due to the adult nature of this script, actors under the age of 18 that are auditioning for the parts of Rhys, Cassie, and Ainsley will need written permission from their parent or guardian.

Antoinette “Toni” Lafayette (Late 40s-early 50s, White, Female)- The oldest sibling, trying to control everything, deep seated anger at her siblings and loss of her father. Went through a difficult divorce.

Rachael Kramer-Lafayette (Late 40s, White and Jewish, Female)- Put together with high expectations of herself, her husband, and their children. Does not fit in with the chaotic southern Lafayette family.

River Rayner (20s but looks younger, White, Female)- Frank’s fiance. Very new-age, earthy, vegan chef, believes in ghosts.

Beauregard “Bo” Lafayette (Late 40s-early 50s, White, Male)- Toni’s younger brother, overwhelmed, concerned deeply about finances.

Francois “Franz/Frank” Lafayette (Late 30s-early 40s, White, Male)- Toni and Bo’s youngest sibling, the outcast of the family, has been away from Arkansas for a long time.

Rhys Thurston (Late teens, White, Male)- Toni’s son, apathetic and distanced.

Cassidy “Cassie” Kramer-Lafayette (Early teens, White, Female)- Bo and Rachael’s oldest child, developing interest in boys and her phone.

Ainsley Kramer-Lafayette (Young child, White, Male)- Bo and Rachael’s younger child, energetic.

Audition Sides

Sides will be posted here approximately one week before auditions for advance review.

Raleigh Little Theatre announces auditions for “Don’t Dress for Dinner”

Raleigh Little Theatre will be holding auditions for Don’t Dress for Dinner on Monday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 3 with callbacks on Saturday, April 7. The production will be directed by Patrick Torres.

Important dates

Auditions: Monday and Tuesday April 2 and 3 in the Sutton Lobby and Greenroom at 7:00pm. Registration from 6:30pm. Please sign up for an audition slot before arriving.

Callbacks: Saturday April 7 at 5:30pm in the Sutton Theatre

First cast meeting: Monday April 23 at 7:00pm

No conflicts after Sunday May 13No more than 5 conflicts for the entire duration of the rehearsal process.

Preview: Thursday, June 7.

Opening: Friday, June 8.

Performances: June 8 through June 24

Strike: June 24 following the 3:00pm show. All actors are expected to participate in strike.

About the show

Bernard is planning a romantic weekend with his chic Parisian mistress in his charming converted French farmhouse, whilst his wife, Jacqueline, is away. He has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to prepare gourmet delights, and has invited his best friend, Robert, along too to provide the alibi. It’s foolproof; what could possibly go wrong? Well…. suppose Robert turns up not realizing quite why he has been invited. Suppose Robert and Jacqueline are secret lovers, and consequently determined that Jacqueline will NOT leave for the weekend. Suppose the cook has to pretend to be the mistress and the mistress is unable to cook. Suppose everyone’s alibi gets confused with everyone else’s. An evening of hilarious confusion ensues as Bernard and Robert improvise at breakneck speed.

About the roles

The ages suggested below are just that – suggestions. The director will consider actors outside of these age ranges. These roles are also open to all ethnicities and identities.

Bernard (30s – 50s): Jacqueline’s husband, businessman, self-assured, country gentleman.

Jacqueline (30s – 50s): Bernard’s wife, assertive, intelligent, romantic, and awesome.

Robert (30s – 50s): Bernard’s friend and Jacqueline’s lover, more reserved than Bernard, seems like a nice guy but he is a scoundrel.

Suzette (30s – 50s): The cook. Friendly, working class, funny.

Suzanne (30s – 50s): Bernard’s mistress, chic, stylish, easily flustered.

Georges (30s – 50s): Suzette’s husband. Big, strong, protective.

About the auditions

Please sign up for an audition slot before arriving.

Please prepare a comedic monologue no longer than 90 seconds to perform for the first round of auditions.

Callback list will be posted on the RLT website by Noon on Saturday, April 7.

Callbacks are Wednesday, April 4 in the Sutton Theatre.

About the production team

Director: Patrick Torres
Scenic Designer: Elizabeth Newton
Lighting Designer: Jeremy Diamond
Costume Designer: Vicki Olson
Stage Manager: David Wilk

Audition forms

Interested in auditioning? Here are some forms to fill out and bring with you to auditions:

  • Sutton/City Series Audition form (DOC or PDF) — please fill out
  • Conflict Calendar (DOC)– please list every weeknight or weekend day that you have a conflict

Contact Patrick Torres at patrick@raleighlittletheatre.org with any questions.