Watauga High School

November 3-4, 2017

Host: Zach Walker; walkerz@wataugaschools.org

Watauga High School
300 Go Pioneers Drive
Boone NC, 28607

Important Downloads

Venue Details

Site Specific Details

Please see rules for additional technical info.

Approximate size of backstage storage area: 10’x10’

Location of start line: stage right (crossover space is available)

Location of finish line: stage left

Load-In/Load-Out: Vehicles can occupy the load-in dock area for 10 minutes during load-in time, then must be moved to our bus parking lot area (which is nearby); vehicles can be brought back to the load-out area immediately after your show during adjudication. There is NOT ample space to do a set build/construction in our wings/load-in area.

Headsets: 4 headsets are available. Locations: sound booth, light booth, backstage, and 1 at the spotlight station.

Booth location: The sound booth and light booth are not in the same location. If you have one stage manager to call both cues, they will sit in the light booth and utilize the headsets to call cues simultaneously for light and sound cues. 

Piano/Orchestra Set-up: There will be an upright piano available for your use house right in front of down stage left, in a fixed location. Please note:  Since it is an upright piano, it will block some of the view of the stage left deck. Should you prefer to bring your own keyboard, you may utilize the electric plugs on the front of the stage. Please include your piano/keyboard information and needs on your sound cue sheets.

Sound: Sound may be played from:  iPods, mp3 players, CDs; and/or a computer Media Player or iTunes play list.  If you bring a burned CD, please bring a back-up means of playing your cues – i.e. computer play list or iPod/iPhone/iPad. There will be a handheld mic available for your use backstage. If you need it, please notify Mr. Walker when you send in your sound cue information, please include which side of the stage you will need the mic. You can bring a computer or ipad and plug it in to our sound board to run your sound cues – in that case, your student technician can run cues from your machine while our sound technician controls master levels, fade in/out.  We will attach your device to our board through a head-phone jack input.  We cannot provide adapters of any kind. Download the sound cue sheet.

Lighting: Two spotlights and 1 headset are available in the balcony, house left and house right. You need to provide technicians to run them. Spotlights will be loaded with blue, green, red and yellow gels. These colors are very saturated. The 6 lighting areas are all the same size (the photo is a little off center). The center of each of the 6 lighting areas will be indicated by the corresponding letter in spike tape on the stage floor. WHS will not provide a cyc. A full stage blue wash is available – you may adjust levels for the blue wash (100%, 75%, etc.) but cannot isolate areas with the blue wash. Download the light cue sheet.

We will run your light cues manually.  Please make sure your cues are simplified accordingly.

Our lighting areas have:

  • Areas A, B, C, D, E and F are gelled in Warm Amber.  If you want to do area lighting, we strongly suggest keeping it simple, eg:  A & D at 50%, C & F at 90%.  
  • The Full-stage Blue wash is a very saturated Roscoe #80 blue. It is ONLY a full stage wash!
  • It is possible to combine the full-stage blue wash with area lighting in amber.  For example, you could design:
    • A & C at 50%, Blue Wash at 25%
    • B at 100%, Blue Wash at 50%
    • A, B, C at 50%, Blue Wash at 100%
  • If you want your required pre-set cue 2 in a 25% blue wash instead of 25% Amber, please indicate that on your cue sheet

View photos of load-in area, stage dimensions and lighting areas.


Our commons area is available for picnic-style lunches on SATURDAY ONLY, as Friday is a school day for us.  You will need to arrange to eat off campus or picnic outside on Friday. If you are using our Commons Area on Saturday, please bring: clean up supplies and extra trash bags to clean up your eating area!

There are just a few fast-food restaurants nearby – Bojangles, Hardees, and Subway. Blowing Rock Road/321 is nearby and has plenty of fast food type restaurants.


Download a map of our campus.

Please download and print this parking pass and leave it on your vehicle dashboard during the Festival.

Visit https://www.wataugaschools.org/Domain/16 for directions. Note, this is a new school, please use directions on this website, rather than a GPS program.

Statewide Sponsors

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Regional Sponsor