Union Pines High School

October 27-28, 2017

Host: Judy Osborne, Theatre Arts Educator; josborne@ncmcs.orgjosborne@ncmcs.net

Union Pines High School
1981 Union Church Road
Cameron, NC 28326

Important Downloads

Venue Details

Site Specific Details

Please see rules for additional technical info.

Approximate size of backstage storage area: 8'x12' with a 10' height limit.

Stage Dimensions: Approx. 45' across and 23' from apron to black curtain (which serves as the back wall)

Loadin doors:  6’7″ tall x 6’ wide

Loadout doors: The only way into and out of the building is through a single standard doorway. The exact size of this door is 34” wide and 92” high. You should plan on 32” as your width that will pass through the door (to allow for hinges and door handles). Once inside there is a set of double doors leading onto the stage. The height is 78" at the hinges on each side. The width at the smallest part of the doorway (which is at the hinges) is 4'3". You will load onto and off the stage through the double doors up center. You will load-out immediately following your performance. On stage the bottom of the header curtains is at 14’. Wing space is very limited. There is a crossover from one side to the other of the stage using the back hallway. As you face the school, load-in is at the right of the building. There is space for one truck at a time to load-in. Trucks will have to move back to the parking area once you have loaded or unloaded. 

Location of start line: Upstage Center

Location of finish line: Upstage Center (please have a student prepared to advise crew to open curtains at the end of the play)

Tours of the space: Permitted by appointment only, weekdays after 3:45pm. Please email Ms. Osborne at least a week in advance to schedule.

Headsets: No headsets are available.

Booth location: Back of the house. Open space, so quiet cue calling is necessary. One student can call both light and sound cues.

Piano/Orchestra Set-­Up: No piano is available for use. Your orchestra would need to fit into a 4’ x 8’ space if it is offstage.

Outlet Locations: Outlet locations are stage right and left, as well as center stage. See the stage diagram.

Sound: We are able to connect your device (computer, ipad, mp3 player) to our house system via an auxiliary input. We will not provide a computer for you to use. We have a CD player available, but our CD player is cranky about what it will read so I urge you to check your CD’s during your tech briefing. In the case that a CD will not read we have Plans B and C – Plan B: You have a back up on an mp3 device or computer. Plan C: We try the CD in a boombox and if it reads the CD we run it through the house system by playing it into a mic. We can have a “god mic” available from the back of the house if there is a need. If you want to use the mic please indicate that on your sound cue sheet. Download the sound cue sheet.

Lighting: Lighting capabilities at Union Pines High School are minimal. No cyc is available. We will have one follow spot available at the back of the house. You must provide the operator. If you plan to use the follow spot, please indicate that on your lighting cue sheets. We can only give you isolated area lighting downstage and general wash lighting above that. The area lighting downstage is white light from the front. We can provide a general wash of blue light, but it is very dim. All cues are run manually, and please keep them minimal. We do have general lighting available upstage but we can't isolate areas there. See the lighting areas and download the light cue sheet.

Late Seating: No late seating will be permitted after the show starts, due to light and sound in the lobby. Please communicate this to all parents and fans who may be attending your show.

Cross-overs and Audience Access: There is no onstage cross-over from one side of the stage to the other, but there is a hallway just behind the stage that provides a path to and from each side of the stage. If you wish your students to have access to the audience, there are steps from the apron into the house all the way across the stage. Students can easily get to the lobby area from backstage to make entrances through the house.

Where to load in your set: As you face the school, you will see the cafeteria on the right side. The load-in door is behind the cafeteria.  If you need to pull up a truck, follow the traffic pattern through the parking lot , into the circle drive and leave the drive at that first turn to the right. This takes you behind the cafeteria. Space is tight back here, so you will need to empty the truck as soon as possible and send the truck to park. Remember – the set will enter the school through an ordinary door.


Union Pines has school on Friday, Oct. 27 and parking will be limited during the school day. If you have parents coming in to see your performances, please ask them to arrive early because of parking and traffic, especially for the 8:30 am show and the 3:45 pm show. School starts at 8:30 am so traffic will be heavy from 8:00 am – 8:45 am. Everyone should try to arrive by 8:00 am to have time to get checked in and into the auditorium Friday morning. The lobby area will be congested.  

On Friday, we will use the ROTC parade field for parking.  When you are in front of the school (facing the school), the field is on your left  – beside a gravel parking lot.  Buses, cars and trucks should park here.  After 4:00 pm the parking lots are available for our use. On Saturday, the parking lots should be open and available for our use.

Warning: Please do not park in the gravel lot, or other marked parking lots on Friday, even if you see open spaces. Many of our students take classes off-campus at the community college and will need those spaces when they return to the UPHS campus. They have assigned parking spaces.

View the campus map.


We can share space in our cafeteria during meal times on Saturday and Friday evening.  There are a few tables outside also. We ask that your groups please clean up after themselves and respect the spaces. For Friday lunch, groups should plan to eat off campus since school will be in session and there won’t be any spaces to use for groups to eat. Click here for a list of recommended restaurants.


Hotels in the Southern Pines/Pinehurst areas are the closest options and are approximately 30 minutes from the school.

Statewide Sponsors

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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