Greensboro College - State High School Festival

November 16-17, 2017

Greensboro College
815 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

The Festival will take place in the Odell Building (Huggins Memorial Auditorium). See parking info below. Click here for the campus map.

Festival Coordinator: Angie Hays ( Contact Angie about schedule, rules, paperwork, and logistics.
Festival Technical Director: John Saari ( Contact John with questions about the GC theatre space, lighting and sound.
NCTC General Manager: Amanda Clark ( Contact Amanda for questions about payment and invoices.

Important Downloads

Important Deadlines

Your Program Page must be submitted by 5pm on November 6 and your State Festival Spreadsheet must be submitted by 5pm on November 8.The spreadsheet includes: (1) Light Cues, (2) Sound Cues, (3) T-Shirt Orders, (4) Cafeteria Orders. Your program page should be the same as your regional program page, and must be submitted as a pdf. Submit this info to Please note, this is a hard deadline, information must be received by this time to ensure a successful Festival for all participants. Download the spreadsheet.

Sound & Light Cue Sheets: More information below. If you have only sound or only light cues, please indicate this on the spreadsheet.

T-Shirt Orders: State Festival t-shirts are available to purchase for $15. Shirts are navy with white text and say "We made state", with a listing of all schools. You will need to take orders from your students, collect the money and pay with one check (made out to NCTC) when you pick up your shirts at the Festival.

Cafeteria Orders/Meals: We encourage you to eat in the Greensboro College cafeteria, for ease of access and to give your students a college cafeteria experience. Lunch is $6.25 and dinner is $7.50, plus 6.75% tax. On the spreadsheet, please indicate which meals you plan to eat in the cafeteria and estimate how many students will be in your group. The preferred method of payment is one check for your entire group. Cafeteria checks should be made out to Sodexo Campus Services. NCTC is collecting estimates, but will not handle payment for meals. If necessary, your students may pay individually, but this will take significant time in line, and exact change is recommended. The Greensboro College cafeteria is very small. The staff is very helpful, but paying with one check is MUCH easier. Bring your school’s tax exempt letter if you wish to be exempt from tax. If you have additional questions about the cafeteria, please contact manager Nichole Haith: Please do not plan to have meals delivered to the campus, as there are no rooms available for eating.

State Festival Registration Payment: The fee is the same as the early fee for the Regional Festivals – $355 per show. You will receive an invoice via email from NCTC General Manager Amanda Clark. You may pay with a credit card or check. You may submit a check by mail or bring it to the Festival, but you must submit payment at or before the State Festival, or your school will not be permitted to perform. 


All buses, trucks and cars must be parked at the Reynolds Student Center – 1015 West Market Street (building at the corner of Tate Street and West Market). Do not park in any other campus lots, or you will be ticketed and possibly towed. Buses may drop off students in front of the Odell Building, or students may walk (in groups) from the Reynolds Center to Odell.                     

To walk from Reynolds Center to the Odell Building: Starting with Reynolds Center on your left, turn right and walk in the same direction as the one-way traffic on Market St. Turn right at College Place, walk past parking lots and the Odell Building will be on your right.

To drop-off students at the Odell Building: Travel down West Market Street (it is a one-way street heading East) and turn Right on College Place (you will see a white house and a Greensboro College sign). The Odell building will be on your right at the brick cross-walk. College Place is a two-way street and no parking is allowed. After dropping off, buses should continue straight to the STOP sign, turn right onto Odell Place, right onto Mendenhall, then a quick left onto Rankin Place. You will see a large parking lot on your right and you are welcome to park anywhere in that lot. Then, follow the directions above to walk from Reynolds Center to the Odell Building.

Bus/Truck Parking for Load-in & Load-out: When it is time for your show to load-in (see schedule), head down West Market Street (it is a one-way street heading East), turn right onto College Place and turn right at the STOP sign. Turn into the parking lot on the right and pull up to the loading dock. Your bus/truck may stay in this lot until your load-out time (immediately following your show).  

Technical Information

Start Line Location: Stage Left

Finish Line Location: Stage Right – all people and scenery must finish on stage right, and you may utilize crossover space to make this happen.

The upstage curtain will remain closed throughout the Festival, acting as a back wall. No traveler curtains may be moved or used during the Festival.

Size of Backstage Storage Area: 10’ x 10’

Stage Dimensions: 39’ 5” wide x 26’ 6” deep

Click here for the Stage Diagram with Lighting Areas

Load-In and Load-Out: Your truck should park at the Reynolds Center, and then move to the loading dock at your assigned load-in time (see directions above). Each school will have a maximum of 10 minutes for load-in. The loading dock door is 4’1” from the ground. The door opening is 10’W x 12’H.  For load-out, your driver should be parked at the loading dock at your expected show end time.

Piano: No piano is available for use, you will need to bring a keyboard if needed. Keyboards may be set-up downstage right or in the stage right wing.

Booth Location: The light and sound board are in the same booth at the back of the house. One student can call cues for both lights and sound, or you may choose to have two students in the booth.

Lighting: Lighting cues will be programmed into the board. Please keep cues simple. If the Greensboro College team feels you have too many cues or they are too complex (given the time they have to prepare for your performance), you will be asked to simplify. Warm and cool (blue) washes are available. On your cue sheet, please specify levels (percentages) for warm and cool. For white light, use both warm and cool simultaneously. Two spotlights are available for use on the balcony level. You must provide your own operators.

Sound: You may bring and use your own laptop, if it has a working mini pin output.  We do not recommend using an iPod to play cues.  We have a sound computer available that will recognize WAV files and you may bring your sound cues on a memory stick.  It is advisable to bring a memory stick in addition to your laptop as a backup option.  We do not have Q Lab on our computer for playback.  A CD player is also available for playback.

Headsets: Headsets are available for use and are located in the Light/Sound booth and backstage, left and right.

Tours of the Space: Greensboro College will not be able to give tours of the space prior to the Festival. Your students will have the opportunity to walk the stage during your tech meeting and we ask that you be flexible and prepared to adapt.

Rules and Preparation

The same rules and preparation from the Regional High School Play Festivals will apply to the State Festival. The same awards will be presented and the same policies for Cast Your Vote will apply. We encourage you to bring a show poster to the State Festival, with the same guidelines as your regional poster, and celebration stars will be sold for $1.00.

State High School Play Festival Scholarship Partners

NCTC is thrilled to announce our 2017 High School Play Festival Scholarship Partners: 

Recipients of the Outstanding Achievement in Acting and Outstanding Achievement in Design and Production awards will receive scholarship offers from Catawba College, Greensboro College and Lenoir-Rhyne University. 

For Outstanding Achievement in Acting – NCTC adjudicators will select 2 recipients of the Outstanding Achievement in Acting awards. These actors will each receive scholarship offers from all three of our partner schools in the amounts of: $60,000 ($15,000/year) from Catawba College; $20,000 ($5,000/year) from Lenoir-Rhyne University and a 3/4 tuition scholarship for Greensboro College.

For Outstanding Achievement in Design and Production
 – Teachers from high schools advancing to the State Play Festival have the opportunity to nominate seniors for the Outstanding Achievement in Design and Production Awards, for scholarships to study non-acting areas which may include Design/Tech, Costuming, Theatre Education, and Stage Directing/Management. 4 students will receive these awards - Catawba College will select two award winners and present scholarship offers of $60,000 ($15,000/year) and Greensboro College will select two winners and present 3/4 tuition scholarship offers.

All of these scholarships are contingent upon meeting admissions requirements and enrollment in the respective schools. They will be spread over four years and are theatre-department specific. These substantial awards may also be enhanced with academic scholarships, if students meet those requirements.

Barbizon Design and Production Awards

The nomination process for the Barbizon Design and Production Awards at the State Festival is slightly different than that of the Regional Festivals. Teachers will nominate students for these awards and will specify the nomination for either Excellence or Outstanding work.

Excellence in Design and Production: Up to 10 awards will be presented for Excellence in Design and Production. For these awards, we encourage you to nominate students in grades 9-12 who have excelled but are underclassmen or seniors not interested in the scholarships offered by Catawba College and Greensboro College. The NCTC representatives will select these award recipients.

Outstanding Achievement in Design and Production: Nominations for these awards are limited to seniors only and should be reserved for your most outstanding and advanced students, who are interested in receiving a scholarship to attend Catawba College or Greensboro College (please click links to see degree programs offered by each school). Students will be interviewed by faculty members from these colleges during the Festival and should bring their portfolio (if they have one) and a resume. NCTC will email you an interview time for your students, which will not be in conflict with your performance time. Students must be present for interviews and the awards ceremony. If a student is not presented with an Outstanding Award, they will be considered for an Excellence in Design and Production award (no additional application required).

Nominations must be emailed to Angie Hays ( by noon on November 10. Download the nomination form.


There are numerous hotel options in Greensboro. We recommend:

Holiday Inn Express – Greensboro East
3111 Cedar Park Road
Greensboro, NC 27405
(336) 697-0101
Average rate: $101 for 2 double beds                       

Hyatt Place
1619 Stanley Road
Greensboro, NC 27407
(336) 852-1443
Average rate: $108 for 2 double beds

About the SETC Convention

If your show receives one of the two Distinguished Play Awards at the State Festival, you will be invited to represent NC at the 2018 SETC (Southeastern Theatre Conference) High School Festival, which is part of the annual convention that will be held March 7-11 in Mobile, AL. The NCTC and SETC Festivals are very similar, but there are some differences in rules and procedures. If your show performs at SETC, you will have to obey all rules of that Festival, which may require changes to your production. Please also know that the cost to attend the SETC convention is significant. It is likely that your school will need to raise more than $10,000 to attend the Festival. More information can be found at

Statewide Sponsors

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.