Kings Mountain High School

Middle School Play Festival – March 15, 2014

Host: Dan Treharne -;

Kings Mountain High School
500 Phifer Road

Kings Mountain, NC 28086


Click here for the Festival Schedule

Site-Specific Technical Information (please see Festival rules for additional technical info):

Approximate size of backstage storage area: 10’x10’

Location of start line: Stage Left

Location of finish line: Stage Right (you will load-out immediately following your production)

Tours of the space: Permitted by appointment only. Please email Mr. Treharne to schedule.

Location of booth: Back of the house; one student may call both light and sound cues.

Headsets: No headsets are available for the Festival.

Piano/Orchestra Set-up: No piano is available for use. Please email host if you plan to use a keyboard.

Sound: Sound cues may be on a CD iPod/iPhone/iPad, or computer. Only the host crew may run the sound board.  If using a computer or other personal device, once maximum level is set on the board, your technician may use the device to run the show and change levels. If using a CD, please bring a back-up disc. A microphone is available if needed, please email host if you need to use it. Click here for the Sound Cue Sheet. The deadline to submit cue sheets is March 5.

Lighting: Two spotlights are available at the back of the house.  Spotlights will be loaded with blue, green, red, and yellow gels. These colors are very saturated. Lighting areas will be a general wash of white light. There is a blue wash available if specified on your cue sheet. There is no cyc available. Click here for the Lighting Cue Sheet. The deadline to submit cue sheets is March 5.

Late Seating: No late seating will be permitted after the show starts, due to light and sound in the lobby. Please communicate this to all family and friends who may be attending your show.


View the Stage Diagram, Parking, Directions and More Information



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