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Check out the awards from the 2015 NCTC Middle School Play Festival!


Play Festival Adjudication

Two adjudicators for each site will be chosen by the NCTC staff and board. Adjudicators will provide a positive experience for all participants, recognize hard work, celebrate achievement, and encourage further growth. After each performance, adjudicators will speak to the cast, crew and director at the front of the house (with audience members observing). Adjudicators are not permitted to see a participant’s entry prior to the Festival performance.

The adjudicators will provide brief verbal feedback to the group, addressing the following items:

1. In my opinion, the strongest acting/staging elements of this piece were…

2. If you continue to work on this piece, I would suggest you concentrate on…

3. When I think back and remember this show, what I’ll remember most is…

Written feedback will also be provided, and mailed to you after the Festival. Click here to review the Adjudication Form, to see what the judges are looking for from each performance.


An Awards Ceremony will take place approximately one hour after the conclusion of the last play. Awards will be announced, but certificates and written feedback will be sent to teachers after the Festival, to allow participants to leave for home as quickly as possible.

All awards are determined by the judges, unless otherwise noted. The following awards will be presented:

Theatre Arts Awards: 10 awards will be given – these are “judge’s choice” awards and may honor excellence in a variety of ways.

Excellence in Ensemble Acting: 2 awards will be given.

Excellence in Acting: 10 awards will be given, 5 to female actors and 5 to male actors.

Excellence in Student Design and Production: Up to 10 awards may be given; presented by the NCTC Board (more information below).

Outstanding Achievement in Student Design and Production:  2 awards may be given; presented by the NCTC Board (more information below).

Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Acting: 1 award will be given.

Outstanding Achievement in Acting: 2 awards will be given, 1 to a female actor and 1 to a male actor.

Excellence in Directing: 3 awards will be given.

Shows receiving Superior ratings will be acknowledged during the Awards Ceremony.


Student Achievement in Design and Production Awards: These awards recognize achievement that may not be easily seen onstage. This could be excellence in stage management, public relations, design, crew leadership, etc. Awards will be presented to students who have demonstrated excellent skills and (when appropriate) leadership qualities, which enhanced your Festival production. For these awards, teachers may nominate students and NCTC Board/Staff representatives will evaluate the nominations and determine award recipients.

Each school may submit up to 3 nomination forms, and may nominate individual students or teams of students who worked together. Nominations must be printed out and submitted to the onsite NCTC representative no later than 2pm on the day of the Festival. Click here to download the Student Design and Production Nomination Form.

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