2018 Middle School Play Festival Registration

Registration for the NCTC Middle School Play Festival is limited to NCTC member schools.

A list of current NCTC member schools can be found here. If you have additional questions about your membership status, please contact amanda@nctc.org. Please review all information by expanding the toggles below before registering.

See the schools who renewed their NCTC membership on time (by July 31, 2017) and are eligible for early registration.

Registration is closed – 2017 Festival is sold out!

Individual teacher membership is appreciated, but schools must pay organizational membership dues in order to be eligible for the Festival. Teachers may not combine groups of students from different schools. All students participating must be enrolled in the registered school and must be in grades 6-8. North Carolina public schools, private schools, magnet schools and charter schools are eligible to register for the NCTC Middle School Play Festival, if they are members of NCTC. All other groups will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must contact NCTC to seek permission to register. Request permission by emailing angelahays@nctc.org by December 14.

It is the participant’s responsibility to make arrangements with the author and/or publisher for the right to use the play they are performing and to pay any required royalties. Written proof of such permission must be provided if requested by NCTC. This rule also applies to music used within the production, cuttings made to the script, and use of source material for a new play based on an existing story. Neither NCTC nor the host site shall be held responsible for any unpaid royalties.

Participants may not rehearse a production on the host site stage, prior to the Festival. This statement does not apply to a host school performing at their own site, on their own stage.

Early Registration – Opens Tuesday, January 9 at 12pm – $315/show

All NCTC organizational memberships run from July 1-June 30 and schools that paid their NCTC organizational membership dues on time (by July 31, 2017) are permitted to register at a reduced rate and during the early registration period. See the list of schools eligible for early registration.

Late Registration – Opens Friday, January 12 at 12pm – $345/show

Play Festival registration fills up very quickly. It is possible all slots could be taken during the early registration period. If any Festival slots remain after early registration, late registration will be open to schools that were not eligible for early registration, and for those who did not take advantage of the opportunity. Schools will pay their organizational membership dues when registering in this period.

The deadline for Play Festival payments (submitted to NCTC) is Monday, February 26 by 5pm. Purchase orders are not needed and are not an acceptable form of payment. Each school may register up to 2 productions.

Registration is closed – 2017 Festival is sold out!

Each site will host a maximum of 10 performances. All Festival registration will be completed online, and schools will have the option of paying with a check or credit card. When registering, teachers may submit a special request for time (see more info below). We encourage all schools to attend the entire Festival. Each school may bring an unlimited number of students to the Festival, and there is no admission charge.

Each school may register up to two productions, but the school must register both shows together. Schools must select one teacher, school representative or adult to serve as the contact person for their production(s). The designated contact is the only person who should contact NCTC or the host site regarding questions or concerns. Nothing in this paragraph should be construed to mean that guest artists cannot be involved with the rehearsal and production process.

Step 1: Review the Festival Overview Information.

Step 2: Review the Festival Rules and Preparation (even if you are a Festival veteran, please read the rules and take note of any changes!).

Step 3: Review the Cancellation Policy (below).

Step 4: Verify your Festival eligibility. See the list of schools who renewed their membership on time (by July 31, 2017) and are eligible to register during the early registration period.

Step 5: Complete Registration. You will get an automatic email response, confirming your registration was received. Please do not close your browser until you receive this email. 

Step 6: Once you submit your registration, you will get an email (with an invoice attached) from NCTC General Manager Amanda Clark, within 8 business hours. This email will let you know if you have secured a slot or slots in the Festival, as well as the site where you’ll be performing.

Step 7: Make Payment by February 26. If you chose the “Paying by Check” option, it is your responsibility to make sure NCTC receives your school’s payment. You will get an invoice with your site assignment, via email. NCTC must receive your payment(s) by Monday, February 26 at 5pm. NCTC does not need a purchase order, and these are not an acceptable form of payment. You will receive a receipt via email when your payment is received. Please do not ask a bookkeeper to contact NCTC about payment; teachers assume responsibility for communication within their school. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that payment is made to NCTC. It is not the responsibility of NCTC to obtain payment.

Once registered, you are responsible for making the payment for your show(s), even if you cancel a production. If you decide to cancel a production, please notify angelahays@nctc.org as soon as possible. You will still be responsible for the payment for that show, but NCTC will try to adjust the schedule for the benefit of other participating schools. No refunds will be given and you are pledging to pay fees when you register. If a show is cancelled and the payment is not received, your school will not be permitted to register for future NCTC programs and Festivals.

Your Play Festival payment is due to NCTC by 5pm on Monday, February 26. Checks should be mailed to:

232 South Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Your light/sound cue sheets and program page are due to your host by 5pm on Monday, March 5.

Site schedules vary, and you should plan to attend the entire Festival, which will run from very early in the morning until late evening. Schools may make a request for performance time during registration. Special requests cannot be guaranteed. Please limit these requests; only list a request if you have a major conflict. All registrations and special requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

Please see your site page for your schedule. If you wish to re-schedule a performance, you’ll need to contact the other schools at your site and ask for a swap. If you are able to arrange a switch, please inform your host and angelahays@nctc.org.

We strongly encourage you to attend the entire Festival, not only to receive the “Festival Spirit Award,” but additionally because it’s a great chance for your students to bond with kids from other schools who share the same interests. They’ll get to hear valuable feedback from the adjudicators after each show, and we feel that this is equally as important as their own performance. There are also fun roll calls, theatre games during the breaks and other fun activities for them to participate in!

New teachers who wish to participate in the Play Festival for the first time, and teachers who have not taken students to the Festival in the last 5 years (2013-2017) can save 50% on registration by using the promo code NEWMSPF50. Savings applies to Festival registration only, your NCTC membership must be paid in full. The discount can only be applied to registration for 1 show; if you choose to register 2 shows, the second will be a regular-priced entry. This offer applies to new registrations only; teachers who already received Festival confirmation for 2018 may not take advantage of this offer.

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