Triad Stage seeks Assistant Costume Shop Manager


The Assistant Costume Shop Manager assists with the execution of the costume designs for stage productions and reports to the Costume Shop Manager (CSM) and the Production Manager (PM). This position starts in August and runs for the duration of the season (through early June). This is a 10 month position and housing is NOT provided. This position is hourly and benefits are available after 90 days of employment. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•    Assist CSM in all aspects of the daily operation of the costume shop
•    Help maintain department budgets, purchasing and equipment
•    Assist in supervision, education and management of costume department staff, assistant costume designers and interns
•    Assist in costume execution for all productions, working with guest designers to ensure execution of all aspects of costume designs
•    Participate in fittings, consultations, shopping and shop work as needed
•    Follow all safety protocols
•    Other duties as assigned by the CSM, Designer or PM
•    Read script(s) and help determine the costume technical needs for the production
•    Track the timely progress of all costumes, recognizing when potential problems exist and devising possible solutions to keep shows on track
•    Assist in acting as a liaison with stage managers for fittings, public relations photo shoots and quick change rehearsals
•    Assist with assigning stitchers and supervising crew calls
•    Attend production meetings as necessary
•    Attend fittings as necessary
•    Check in and out rehearsal costumes
•    Assist in creating and maintaining the budget for each show
•    Assist in creating and maintaining the piece list
•    Assist with creating and maintaining the action plot
•    Shop for items needed for shop and productions
•    Assist in maintaining the costume shop, wardrobe room and supply stock
•    Research the period, style and techniques necessary to complete each costume within the costume designer’s guidelines
•    Assist in fabricating patterns for specific actors, either by draping or flat pattern making
•    Assist in cutting or supervising the cutting of all fabric for each costume from the pattern
•    Assist in determining the necessary yardage and trim needed for each costume
•    Make alterations to costumes as necessary
•    Assist in setting up alterations for stitchers as necessary
•    Correct patters or alter costumes as necessary
•    Read and follow costume handbook

Please send a cover letter, resume, 3 professional references and any notes about availability to Costume Shop Manager Jennifer Stanley at: