Weaver Academy

November 3-4, 2017

Host: Keith Taylor; taylork@gcsnc.com (primary); dramaguykdt@gmail.com

Weaver Academy
300 S. Spring St.
Greensboro, NC 27401

Important Downloads

Venue Details

Site Specific Details

Please see rules for additional technical info.

Approximate size of backstage storage area: 10’x10’

Location of start line: Stage Right

Location of finish line: Stage Right. The upstage curtain will remain closed throughout the Festival, acting as a back wall.

Load-in/Load-out: The loading dock door is large, but trucks cannot pull up to it. Your students will need to be prepared to carry scenery for approximately 100 feet. The pathway is flat, so dollies or rolling carts could be used (participants provide).

Tours of the space: Permitted by appointment only. Please email Mr. Taylor to schedule.

Headsets: Not available.

Booth Location: Back of the house. One student can call both light and sound cues*.

Sound: CD, MP3 and computer connections are available. *If you use anything other than a CD, please provide your own person to hit GO for your cues. Otherwise, if you are using a CD, a single stage manager can cue both lights and sound. Download the sound cue sheet. 

Lights: No cyc or spotlights are available. Cues will be programmed into the board. No color washes are available. In addition to the isolated lighting areas, there are three lights (without gel—simple white light) that wash the stage and can be used to add light for faces. These three lights don’t have the area control like the paired lights that are defined by letters, they just generally wash stage right, center, or left. View the Lighting Plot and Download the Light Cue Sheet.

Seating will be limited: Weaver’s auditorium seating capacity is 250. Please tell parents and others who may come to see your performance, that there is a possibility they will not be able to be seated for all shows. Our priority will be to seat all of the students participating in the Festival first, followed by parents for the school taking the stage, and then parents and guests of other schools. Seating for the awards ceremony will follow the same guidelines (students will be seated first). 

*Special Invite - Friday Night Dance: Students participating in the Play Festival are invited to join Weaver Academy for our annual Costume Dance on Friday evening from 8-11pm. The cost of admission and refreshments is $7. Please email Keith Taylor at taylork@gcsnc.com if you are interested in your group attending. 


There will be a bus drop-off in front of the school on Spring Street. Bus parking is available in the parking lot across the street from the school. During your performance block, buses can park near the loading dock door and stay there during your show, until you load-out.

Parents should park behind the school - any personal cars parked in the bus parking lot across the street will be towed.


You will need to go off-site for meals on Friday. Snacks and water will be sold onsite, beginning Friday afternoon. Participants may picnic (weather permitting) on Saturday, or eat inside the school. View hotel and restaurant recommendations.

Statewide Sponsors

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.