2017 Parent Permission Form

Parent permission is required by NCTC, for each student participating in the Play Festival. This includes student actors, crew members, student directors, any student involved with your production. Teachers are asked to facilitate this process, to track the completion of forms, and to ensure all students/parents are in compliance with this rule.

Parents will complete a permission form via the website Permission Click. This system will allow each teacher to track forms for their students/parents, with your own account. NCTC will no longer email each teacher with lists of parents who have completed the forms. Printed forms are not available.

1) You will receive an email from Permission Click with instructions on how to activate your account. Expect to receive this email during the week of September 18. If you did not receive this email, check your junk folder, otherwise, notify amanda@nctc.org.

2) Once you have created your account, you will see a Permission Click link for you to distribute to parents. Each school will have a unique link to their permission forms (you can also get your school's unique link below). You can distribute this link via email or tell parents to find your school's link on this website. *Do not attempt to edit your form!

3) To see a list of parents who have completed the form: login to your account, click on your event, and you will see a list of "Responses", along with several other reports you can download. You may also choose to receive an email each time a parent completes the form, when you set up your account. Please check your account frequently and send regular reminders to parents!

Thank you for your assistance and for ensuring the completion of all forms prior to the Festival. If you have questions about the process, please contact amanda@nctc.org.

Find your school's Parent Permission Form below.

Statewide Sponsors

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.