Meet the Colleges

Callbacks2College Fair Tour: The College Fair is split into three locations. Students and parents will be divided into groups and will visit each location, where college representatives will give a brief introduction to their program. You’ll have time to network and talk to all of the schools, to ensure every student meets every college!

College Fair Visits: As you audition and present portfolios, college representatives will observe your work, and using the information you provided when registering, they will identify students that may be a great fit for their school. Results, or “call-backs”, will be posted. You’ll then visit their table at the College Fair to get more information about their program! Not auditioning or presenting a portfolio? No problem, you get to head straight to the College Fair and attend workshops!

Workshops to Attend

A Day in the Life of a Theatre Major:  Meet current college theatre students as they share their day-to-day activities as a theatre major. They will provide insight on work-load, classes, performance opportunities and much more! Panel designed for parents and students. 

What can I do with a theatre degree?: Learn about the variety of jobs in the theatre industry and where a theatre degree can take you. We'll also explore the skill-sets required by other industries and why Forbes says a liberal arts degree is the "tech industry's hottest ticket!".  Session designed for parents and students.

College Admissions Q&A: Admissions counselors will answer your questions about financial aid, the application process and how to set your student up for success! Session designed for parents, students are also welcome to attend.

Show Your Talent!

Senior Auditions: Showcase your talent to faculty members from 30+ colleges, all in one place, at one time! 

Grades 9-11 Auditions and Feedback: Get a head start by auditioning for some of our college representatives before Senior year! Many colleges want to see your work now and will be in the audition room; you’ll meet others at the College Fair. You will also get feedback from a professional director immediately following your audition! 

Portfolio Reviews: Students have the option of presenting a portfolio of their work, to be viewed by college faculty members. 


Please note: Not all colleges will watch auditions and review portfolios. We encourage you to speak with all college representatives at the College Fair.

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