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Who should attend? Any high school student in grades 9-12 who is interested in studying theatre in college! Whether you are planning to pursue a theatre major or minor, this event will help you find the right school. Colleges are not just interested in seniors, they’re excited to meet students in grades 9-11 too! Parents are also welcome to register, to learn more about the opportunities their student can have as a theatre major, and speak to current college theatre students.


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What is NCTC College Discovery Day? NCTC College Discovery Day is the only event in the state that connects you with NC college theatre programs. You can audition for college representatives or present your portfolio, and your parents have the opportunity to attend workshops, covering everything from financial aid, to careers a theatre major can pursue. Students and parents visit the College Fair to meet over 20 theatre departments, all in one place, in one day! NCTC College Discovery Day is a one-stop shop for theatre students in NC!


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Greensboro College

815 W Market Street

Greensboro, NC 207401


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NCTC College Discovery Day will take place on November 21, 2015.



CDD Web-06Why should I attend NCTC College Discovery Day? NCTC College Discovery Day is North Carolina’s best opportunity for high school students to get involved with theatre programs across the state. You will get to meet with the #1 school on your list as well as discover new schools and theatrical opportunities.


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How is this different from other College Fairs? At most college fairs, the admissions department is chosen to represent their school. They may not know the specific theatre department details you are requesting. At NCTC College Discovery Day, you meet with theatre professors and current students from the schools that interest you! They can answer questions about majors offered, performance opportunities, student life and so much more!


“After years hearing that my daughter was odd, didn’t fit in, or would have to find a ‘real’ profession at some point, it was wonderful watching her being not only accepted, but CELEBRATED by colleges who wanted her just the way she is! This day was for exceptional arts students to get together and be with people like them. These kids were understood on a level I don’t think they see too often. I highly recommend this event for every theatre student.” – College Discovery Day Parent




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