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College Fair Tour: The College Fair is split into three locations. Students and parents will be divided into groups and will visit each location, where you will give a brief introduction to your program. You’ll have time to talk to the students and answer questions, to ensure every student meets every college!

Portfolio Reviews: Students in grades 9-12 will set-up portfolios for you to review. The room is free-flow, the students are stationed at tables and you roam the room and talk with each student. Students have a checklist to keep track of which schools visit their table and are directed to meet other schools at the College Fair when portfolio reviews conclude.

Auditions: Watch over 100 students audition with a monologue/song and call-back students you feel will be a great fit for your program. Senior auditions run all afternoon, concurrently with auditions for grades 9-11 and portfolio reviews.

College Fair Visits: After you observe the student auditions and portfolios, and using the information they provided when registering, you will identify the students you wish to “call-back.” The students will then visit your table at the College Fair to receive more information about your program!


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