Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when I rate the colleges during registration?

Rating your initial level of interest in the colleges helps the professors get a better idea of what type of program you’re looking for, and how interested you are in their program. Make sure you research the schools that will be at NCTC College Discovery Day before you register, so you are familiar with what they can offer you. Please keep in mind, if you rank a school “1” (I’m not interested), the school will consider you “not-recruitable” and spend their time focusing on other students.

How can I narrow down my college choices before NCTC College Discovery Day?

Review the schools that are attending NCTC College Discovery Day (find the list and links here). It is also helpful to review what the entire school offers (not just the theatre department), including what the campus looks like and the type of student activities. No two colleges are the same and it’s okay to have more than one top choice!are in their program. Make sure you research the schools that will be at NCTC College Discovery Day before you register, so you are familiar with what they can offer you. Please keep in mind, if you rank a school “1” (I’m not interested), the school will consider you “not-recruitable” and spend their time focusing on other students.

What colleges are attending NCTC College Discovery Day?

You can find the list of colleges & universities that will be represented at this year’s College Discovery Day here. You can also find links to each school’s website to learn more about their program. 

Will all of the schools watch auditions, post call-backs and conduct portfolio reviews?

Some colleges will send enough representatives to watch auditions and review portfolios, but due to faculty size, production schedules and other conflicts, not all colleges are able to do all College Discovery Day activities. We encourage you to visit the tables of any schools you are interested in, to learn more about their admissions process.

What is a “call-back”?

A “call-back” is an invitation to return to a school’s table at the College Fair. The schools will post your audition number on their call-back sheet if they would like to speak with you again. If your number is posted on the call-back sheet, you will go to that school’s table to speak with their representatives. They may call you back for scholarship information, audition notes, admission policies or just to talk!

What happens if I don’t get “called back” to my first choice college?

Go talk to them! Just because a school didn’t call you back, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk with them. Go to their table and ask questions about the program, your audition, what they offer, etc. All the colleges want to talk with every student!

What is a “Headshot”?

Your headshot should be a current photo of yourself, usually cropped from the shoulders to the top of the head. You will upload this during registration. This photo can be in color or black and white, and can be any size, but should not exceed 50MB. A yearbook photo or senior picture can serve as a great headshot for this audition. Remember: This is the first thing the colleges will see about you so be sure your photo represents your personality while still showing professionalism.

Should I present a portfolio?

Non-Acting Technical Portfolio presentations are only for students wishing to pursue a career in a non-performing aspect of theatre. Students who have a strong passion for technical theatre, stage management, theatre education, directing, costuming, etc. should present a portfolio.

What do I bring if I do not have a portfolio?

You are welcome to bring any tangible items that showcase your work. Items could be: a script filled with blocking and notes, photographs, research for a show, fabric swatches, costume pieces and much more! For helpful portfolio tips click here.

What materials should I bring with me to NCTC College Discovery Day?

Each student attending NCTC College Discovery Day should bring a notebook and writing utensil to take notes when talking to professors and learning about the schools at the College Fair. If auditioning, you will need to bring a completed Audition Introduction Card. If you plan on singing at your audition, you will need to bring your sheet music for the accompanist. If presenting a portfolio, bring the materials you plan to share that day (click here for helpful tips).

*Please Note: The events throughout the day will be held in multiple buildings on campus. Please bring weather appropriate attire. (i.e. jackets, sweaters, umbrellas etc.)

This is my first time attending NCTC College Discovery Day. Do you have any tips on what to prepare?

NCTC is excited to see new faces! You can find tips on your monologue, song and portfolio here.

What should I do if I want to study Theatre Education?

The college admission requirements for Theatre Education majors vary from school to school. At NCTC College Discovery Day, you may choose to audition, or present a portfolio highlighting the theatre work you have done in high school and/or your community. If you are not comfortable auditioning or do not feel you have adequate materials for a portfolio, we encourage you to register for College Discovery Day under the “College Fair and Workshops” only option. Whatever you choose to do at College Discovery Day, be prepared to talk with college representatives about your passion for theatre education and why you want to become a theatre teacher!

What is the difference between a BA and BFA?

Bachelor of the Arts (BA): This is an academically diverse arts degree. While it still demands many course hours in the concentration you have chosen, it allows for many hours to be taken in other courses such as science, religion, foreign language, etc. The goal of a BA is to have a strong foundation of knowledge while also concentrating on the art form that interests you.

Bachelor of the Fine Arts (BFA): This is a concentrated arts degree. You will still have to take the required academic courses (math, english, etc.) but most of your hours will be in the arts field you choose to study. The goal of a BFA is to have rigorous training in a specified art form.

Both a BA and a BFA are fantastic degrees. Making the right choice depends on how you, as a student, will benefit from the courses. If you love psychology as well as performing, a BA may be the better choice for you. If you love stage managing and want to strictly learn the craft, a BFA may be a better choice.

What do I need to score on my SAT or ACT to get into a theatre department?

Every school requires a different SAT or ACT score. Some schools only look at the applicants’ GPA. The best way to make sure you meet the requirements is to review the school’s Admission Information on their website. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the school to ensure you have the correct information!

Are scholarships available for NCTC College Discovery Day?

NCTC will award College Discovery Day scholarships at our 8 Regional High School Play Festivals to the recipients of the Outstanding Achievement in Acting, and Outstanding Achievement in Design & Production Awards. A limited number of need-based scholarships are also available. To be considered for a need-based scholarship, please write a letter (1 page maximum) telling NCTC why you should be awarded a scholarship, what attending NCTC College Discovery Day would mean to you, and any financial information that would help us make our decision. Your theatre teacher must also write a recommendation letter for you. Both documents should be emailed to by Wednesday, November 9. Scholarship applicants can expect a response within 2 business days.

What is the cancellation policy?

Registration fees may be refunded for any registration canceled prior to November 1, but they will incur a $25/student and $10/parent cancellation fee. Registration fees will not be refunded after November 1, 2017.

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